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PMA & OEM Aviation Bearings Vibration Testing Comparison

Phoenix Aerospace Components (PAC) has developed a proprietary method of making such a Fracture outer ring ball bearing with 90%, or better, yield. 


Inspection Instrument: BVT-5 Vibration Tester

Project summary: 
All the bearings were cleaned and lubricated with MIL-PRF-6085 before measurements. The bearings were mounted and tested 1800 RPM on BVT-5 Vibration measuring instruments. We had measured twice, one is before Life Testing, the other is after Life Testing. 
All measurement process is based on specification JB/T 10187-2000.


Description: Fractured Outer Ring Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Quantity:    Total 8 Samples
PMA Part Serial Numbers:20002, 20004, 20006, 20009, 20010, 20011, 20013 (PMA)
PMA Part Manufactured by Luoyang Phoenix Aerospace Bearing Technology Co, Ltd.(PAB)
OEM Part Serial Numbers: 19-1011(OEM).
OEM Part Manufactured by OEM Manufacturer

OEM & PMA Aerospace Bearing Noise Testin

After the life test of the fractured outer ring ball bearings produced by PAC, the noise test comparison between PAC PMA bearings and OEM bearings was carried out.
The vibration test results of PAC bearings were very good at the same level as OEM products.

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