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Custom Aerospace Steel Balls Manufacturing

Chrome Steel Balls (AISI52100)

The Chrome Steel Balls are usually used for aerospace ball bearings and ball screws. We always use AISI 52100 per AMS 6440 or AMS 6444 material.

Stainless Steel Balls(AISI440C)

440C is a high carbon martensitic stainless steel that is AOD, AOD+ESR or AOD+VAR melted.  It has slightly more carbon than 440A and 440B giving it the highest hardness of any martensitic stainless alloy.  This grade has excellent wear resistance making it perfect as bearing steel used for ball bearings and bearing races.  It also is readily used as cutlery. For aerospace requirements, we use 440C per AMS 5618, AMS 5630, AMS 5880 Spec.

High-speed Alloy Steel Balls (AISI M50)

The M-50 ball alloy which is produced by vacuum-induction melting (VIM) and vacuum-arc re-melting (VAR) processes, has excellent resistance to softening at high service temperatures.  M-50 balls also have high compressive strength characteristics similar to high-speed tool steels, and a good degree of oxidation resistance. For aerospace requirements, we use M-50 per AMS 6491 material.

Aerospace steel ball manufacturing

Material Equivalenc

Aerospace Steel Ball Material Equivalenc
Phoenix Aerospace Steel Balls
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